Over 90% of severe brain injuries occur in non-trauma conditions such as stroke, brain hemorrhage, major surgery, cardiac arrest, heart failure or sepsis.




Cardiac Arrest Victims


Traumatic Brain Injuries


Uncontrolled Seizures


Premature Births

iCE Neurosystems solves this critical problem by forewarning of potentially disastrous changes in brain health.

iCE Neurosystems has created a revolutionary data processing system to diagnose and prevent brain injury in all critically-ill patients.

The platform provides integrated, high-fidelity, real-time signals from the brain and body that feed into a big data-driven interface that any clinician can use, saving patient lives and improving hospital outcomes.

iCE Neurosystems is building the world’s largest unified brain and body data set that will enable researchers to unlock mysteries of the brain. This will advance game changing scientific discoveries and leverage next-generation medical AI to save the brain through the full range of critical illness.

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